Zines are do-it-yourself publications that anyone can create as a platform to share ideas, photos, interviews and rally community action. They became popular during the 1980s by fans of punk music, during an era without easy routes to communicate, like the internet, email, social media, or even cell phones!

Zines are an accessible format that have been embraced by many, as they are important for communities who have been marginalized by mainstream society, or even subcultures that have excluded those of diverse backgrounds. This might explain why Riot Grrrls were especially keen zine producers.

Zine authors typically encourage photocopying and re-production. Here are a few examples of early skateboarding-related zines:

Ladies Skateworld (1986) by Lauri Kuulei Wong (with promotion by Lora Lyons)

Push, Push Then Go! (1986-1988) by KZ Zapata

  • Volume 1 / Number 1 *requested*
  • Volume 1 / Number 2 *requested*
  • Volume 1 / Number 3 *requested*
  • Volume 1 / Number 4

True Devotion (1986-1988) by Bonnie Blouin and Gigi Gits

  • If anyone has scans, please reach out!

Girls Who Grind / Equal Time (1988-1992) by Lynn Kramer and JoAnn Gillespie

Gunk (1991-1994) by Ramdasha Bikceem

If you are a zine writer or a collector and would like to contribute, please reach out through the Contact page.

I’m hoping to eventually include with permission, zines from the 1990s-2000s such as Neptune’s Bride (1992), Other Girls: for rebel/skater girls (1994), Villa Villa Cola (1996), Check it Out: Sk84Girls (1995), Bruisers, Swash Buckler, 50-50: Skateboarding and Gender, The Lurking Fear, Armpit, Second Wind, Escape Winter, Idlewood, The Skate Witches, etc.

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Presented at the San Diego State University “Stoke Sessions” conference, April 22, 2023.

Interviewed for Bust magazine (Winter 2023), “Roll Call: Women’s Skateboarding Librarian Natalie Porter Never Gets Board.”

Essay commissioned for Out of Control: the concrete art of skateboarding (2022) Audain Art Museum

Article on KZ Zapata published in Double Down ‘zine (Issue 3, 2022)