Gigi Gits

Gigi Gits was a punk skateboarder in the 1980s from Richmond, Virginia who made her way to Atlanta, Georgia. In Bonnie Blouin’s game-changing article for Thrasher in April 1986 called “Sugar and Spice..?” she writes, “I’m supposed to be writing an article about girl skaters. Only problem is, in 3 years I’ve only met three… Gigi Gits, Dee Dee Devine and Trish Wright. Gigi and I were roomies, skate buds and True Devotion* partners. Six months ago she began following the Grateful Dead… (Hey, Geeg, if you’re out there, your dad misses you, keep skatin’ and c’mon home, huh?)” (59).

*True Devotion was a ‘zine created by Blouin and Gits and was reviewed in another east coast zine called EDO in their July 1985 issue.

Gigi received some notoriety for being featured in an archive of photos by P. Kevin Morley about the punk scene in Richmond, back in June 1983 and July 1984 as discussed in a Richmond Times-Dispatch article in October 2016.

Morley acknowledged Gigi in particular saying, “I loved her Mohawk haircut. There used to be this place across from Monroe Park… I went there and took pictures of all these punk rockers dancing. I followed her around and took pictures of her friends… The punk rock movement was in full swing, and these kids were just having a great time, being together, dancing and hanging out.”

According to her Facebook page, Gigi isn’t skating anymore but enjoys riding motorcycles and still looks pretty badass!

Photo: P. Kevin Morley

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