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  • Laurie McDonald

    Laurie McDonald

    Laurie McDonald was a sponsored skateboarder in the 1970s, riding for team Powerflex. Although photographs, let alone an interview was elusive, she appeared in the freestyle results of a Hallowe’en contest on October 30th 1977 at the El Cajon skate which she won, ahead of Tina Guasti and Leilani Kiyabu. Laurie and Sylvia Scott were…

  • Cara-Beth Burnside: Part One

    Cara-Beth Burnside: Part One

    Cara-Beth Burnside is a skateboarder of legendary status whose presence and perseverance within the subculture has transcended decades. She has witnessed the highs and lows of skateboarding as an industry, as well as the shifting attitudes towards female skaters, which she helped transform. Considering the impact of her story, this feature is in two-parts, beginning…

  • Denise Fleming

    Denise Fleming

    Denise Fleming is a skateboarder who went pro back in 1976 and continues to skate today, overcoming a mountain of hurdles! These days she has many tattoos, vibrant dyed hair, a rad style, and epitomizes true commitment to skateboarding especially considering that she has endured two near-fatal traumas, including a random drive-by shooting incident in…