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  • Maggie Behle

    Maggie Behle

    In the mid-1990s female skateboarders were practically never included within the main contents of Thrasher magazine, but sometimes they could sneak into the pages through the “Photograffiti” section where readers submit photos, the “Cold Snap” section which was snowboarding not skateboarding (for some reason that arena was acceptable, but only tiny photos of the women…

  • Alexis Sablone

    Alexis Sablone

    Alexis Sablone first exploded into the conscience of skateboarding at age 15 with her part for the Coliseum skateshop video “P.J. Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life” (2002) based out of Boston. The video was creative, ground-breaking, and hugely popular (it literally sold a million copies), and Sablone’s one-minute-long part was an absolute gamechanger for women in…