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  • Karen Schirm

    Karen Schirm

    Karen Schirm of Bremen, Germany was a street skater in the early 2000s and needs acknowledgment as one of the few female skaters-of-colour at that time, especially in Europe. While there was only one interview I could find of her by Chrissie Stegt, she briefly mentioned that if offered a free trip anywhere in the…

  • Steffi Weiss

    Steffi Weiss

    Steffi Weiss (Wolter) was a competitive skateboarder in the early 2000s who received significant attention after a series of solid contest results and was even described as the “German Elissa Steamer.” Obviously, a huge compliment and while German skaters like Nathalie Richter came before her, Weiss was the first pro female skateboarder in Germany, so…