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  • MaryAnne Uyemura

    MaryAnne Uyemura

    MaryAnne Aquino Torres Uyemura was the first female member on the Pepsi Skateboard team in the Philippines from the ages of nine to eleven in the years 1978-1980. She was living in Manila and instantly fell in love with skateboarding. MaryAnne wrote, “I have an older brother who borrowed a skateboard, and he showed me…

  • Karen Schirm

    Karen Schirm

    Karen Schirm of Bremen, Germany was a street skater in the early 2000s and needs acknowledgment as one of the few female skaters-of-colour at that time, especially in Europe. While there was only one interview I could find of her by Chrissie Stegt, she briefly mentioned that if offered a free trip anywhere in the…