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  • April Hoffman

    April Hoffman

    April Hoffman (Weems) is indeed fortunate being the grand-daughter of the legendary couple Jeanne and Stan Hoffman who opened and operated the Pipeline Skatepark in the Badlands from 1977-1988 in Upland, California. Her dad, Don Hoffman is a surfer and skater as well, and has been rallying the past five years to produce a film…

  • Michelle Sanderson

    Michelle Sanderson

    Michelle Sanderson (Hart) from West Covina, California was a competitive freestyle skater in the early 1980s who persevered during an era when skateboarding had dramatically declined in popularity compared to the 1970s but slowly returned to full force. Michelle competed in the California Amateur Skateboard League (C.A.S.L.) and National Skateboard Association (NSA) series. In 1983,…

  • Sophie Bourgeois

    Sophie Bourgeois

    In the late 1970s and 1980s, the best female skateboarder from Canada was Sophie Bourgeois from Drummondville, Quebec but you would hardly know it due to the limited acknowledgement, if any in Canadian skateboard magazines.  A tiny announcement appears in the March 13, 1980 issue of the newspaper La Tribune Sherbrooke, for an article about…