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  • Equal Time Mystery Skaters

    Equal Time Mystery Skaters

    In the late 1980s, with the skateboarding industry promoting itself as a domain for men and boys, assuming that there was no point in marketing to girls and women, the zine Equal Time (1989 – 1992) by Lynn Kramer and then JoAnn Gillespie, was especially important. The zines were filled with letters, stories, drawings, rants,…

  • Bristol Girls Team

    Bristol Girls Team

    When the first UK National Championships was hosted at Crystal Palace in London (originally planned for July but delayed until August 10th, 1977 due to rain) there was no category for women and the female skaters from Bristol were not impressed. In the Evening News special report that was printed in September 1977 it was…

  • 1960s News Clippings

    1960s News Clippings

    At this point, all of these 1960s newspaper clippings feature “mystery” skaters! Give me a shout if you have more of the back story. Thanks in advance! Names, newspapers and dates all listed below. Back to Top

  • Debbie Bragg

    Debbie Bragg

    Auckland, New Zealand in 1978 opened up a kickass skatepark called Skatopia in the Manukau suburb, which was sponsored by Coca Cola. It emulated the park plans from Skatopia in the U.S. Sadly, it was demolished in 1982. Here’s some vintage Youtube footage from 1979: I stumbled upon a group photo including Debbie Bragg in…

  • Cheryl Thornton

    Cheryl Thornton

    Cheryl Thornton, age 12 from Fort Worth, Texas was competing against the boys at a skateboard contest in May 1977 and came 2nd in Freestyle! The photo was taken by Rodger Mallison showcasing Cheryl holding onto a laid-back handstand, which she received a trophy for. Photos of her competitors Michael Clay (14) and Jerome Willet…

  • Leigh Zaremba

    Leigh Zaremba

    This photo and article of Leigh Zaremba and Dee Jay Cobb is from spring 1959! Woah! It was featured in the May 29, 1959 issue of the Pasadena Independent, and it is the earliest photo of a woman on a skateboard that I have ever found (let alone anybody on a skateboard!). Found it a…

  • Karen Trimble

    Karen Trimble

    Karen Trimble of San Marcos, CA was a competitive freestyle skateboarder in the mid-1980s along with her brothers John and Terry. She was mentioned in passing within Terry’s Freestyle zine called GTurn and he published a photo of her practising kickflips in the November 1987 issue (Vol. 1 No. 2). She became sponsored by Tracker…

  • Vicky Voughn

    Vicky Voughn

    Vicky Voughn is currently a mystery, possibly spelled “Vicki.” All I know is that she appeared in April 1989 to compete in the mini-ramp contest in Tempe, Arizona and was included in Lynn Kramer’s zine Equal Time (Vol. 1, No 3). Lynn reported that, “Vicky showed up in yet another uncommon place, using the whole…

  • Life


    Life is precious and skateboarders are beautiful. There is so much heartbreak and anger right now in light of the violence and brutality that took Tyre Nichols away from his family and friends. Not sure how to process anything. I glimpsed the footage and it is beyond sickening. And while reviewing the RIP section of…

  • France 1960s

    France 1960s

    Skateboarding in the 1960s is primarily associated with the scene in California, as surfers found a new outlet for fun when the surf was flat and the activity took off with children dismantling their roller-skates and securing them to boards. Over in France, within surfing communities on the Atlantic coast like Biarritz and Hossegor, “sidewalk…