Kym Agresti

Kym Agresti from Santa Cruz was a skateboarder who published the zine Hectic Times from 1990 to 1995 – a total of nine issues. According to a review by Flipside of Issue Number 4, the zine included “Lots of reviews, skate stuff and pics from the Keynote Club. Good looking and worth a read if you ever want to know what goes on in Santa Cruz other than boardwalking and hippiedom.” Another review by Maximum Rock ‘n Roll noted that “The zine interviews bands and talks about cool places to skate… and they haven’t run out of material yet.”

In her editorial, Kym encouraged her readers to support their scene, “Buy from independent record labels, go look for a pool [to skate], express your self, be your self and listen to others.”

Kym’s zine also included two cassette compilations of local bands. It looks like Kym was taking a lot of her own photographs, documenting the music scene with intention, including the album cover for The Loudmouths in 2000.

Fellow skateboarder Ramdasha Bikceem was stoked and featured a photo of Kym skateboarding in their zine Gunk No. 3 (1993). Ramdasha wrote: “This is Kym Agresti and she puts out a cool sk8 fanzine called Hectic Times 2-1645 E. Cliff Dr. Suite 17 Santa Cruz, C.A. 95062.”

Based on her connection with Ramdasha and her love of music, I would assume that Kym was also part of the Riot Grrrl movement that was intent on elevating the presence and rights of women to participate in subcultures and be treated with respect.

Kym now lives in San Francisco, working as a counselor.

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