Zine update!

Do you love zines? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve added a new resource reference page where I will be uploading scans of historical zines for your enjoyment. Check it out here (also included in the dropdown menu). If you are a zine author or collector, and have better scans or missing issues, I would be so grateful for your help! Please reach me via the Contact page.

Zines are do-it-yourself publications that anyone can create as a platform to share ideas, photos, interviews and rally community action. They became popular during the 1980s by fans of punk music, during an era without easy routes to communicate, like the internet, email, social media, or even cell phones!

Zines are an accessible format that have been embraced by many, as they are important for communities who have been marginalized by mainstream society, or even subcultures that have excluded those of diverse backgrounds. This might explain why Riot Grrrls were especially keen zine producers.

I believe that zines are super important for reducing archival silence, as there is a tendency to focus on history that celebrates those in positions of power or prestige.

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