Marilyn Latta

Marilyn Latta (not to be confused with Michelle Matta) was featured in a two-page interview in June 1978 for the Wild World of Skateboarding magazine. Marilyn was age 16 at the time and from Malibu, CA, dreaming of following the professional path like her heroes Ellen Berryman and Terry Brown.

Richard Taylor wrote, “Marilyn has been skating for four years and credits her brother for introducing her to skateboarding. ‘He had a skateboard, so I just decided one day that I’d try it. I’ve been skating ever since.’” Marilyn was entering local freestyle contests and enjoyed practising her routines by the ocean. Marilyn also had some top-three results in slalom, which was a challenge that excited her.

Sadly, the reporting of the article was a bit cringe-worthy, with Taylor’s emphasis on Mariyln’s appearance versus skill and determination. Taylor described Marilyn as “foxy,” “lovely,” a “charming blonde,” and how her “beauty” would be a welcome addition to skateboarding – certainly a flattering description, but I thought Marilyn was kind of a badass!

Marilyn preferred ripping around barefoot even after breaking her ankle. And then, she tried to drain the pool at her apartment complex with her friend Susie Lindsay but was caught by her mom, who made them fill it up again. She also stated that, “‘The laws have to be changed… Right now there are too many restrictions. I don’t see what’s wrong with skating on public property as long as here are no people to hit.” Agreed!

Photos: Don Luczak


  • Taylor, Richard. “Skatelady: Marilyn Latta.” Wild World of Skateboarding. June 1978, pp. 33-34.

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