Vicky Voughn

Vicky Voughn is currently a mystery, possibly spelled “Vicki” and short for Victoria. All I know is that she appeared in April 1989 to compete in the mini-ramp contest in Tempe, Arizona and was included in Lynn Kramer’s zine Equal Time (Vol. 1, No 3). Lynn reported that, “Vicky showed up in yet another uncommon place, using the whole ramp for big backside grinds. She also did this neat slide to fakie.” Vicky was third behind Lisa Forman (1st) and Danielle McDade (2nd).

George Medlock took two photos of her – one competing, and one grinding the Nude Bowl.

Grateful for any updates! I wonder if she was friends with Rhonda Doyle who also ripped around the Nude Bowl?

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