Life is precious and skateboarders are beautiful. There is so much heartbreak and anger right now in light of the violence and brutality that took Tyre Nichols away from his family and friends. Not sure how to process anything. I glimpsed the footage and it is beyond sickening.

And while reviewing the RIP section of Thrasher magazine I learned more about the murder of German skateboarder Anna Kruse and her child at the hands of her ex-husband last fall. It’s all too much.

All I know is that we must stay close to the people we love and not allow this darkness and evil to consume us. RIP Tyre Nichols. RIP Anna Kruse.

Love and prayers for your families and everyone who knew you or had the privilege of skateboarding with you.

I pray for justice – your lives are not in vain.

Photos: Bill Eppridge, Life magazine, May 1965 – NYC

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