Jeannie Narducci

Jeannie Narducci (Figurski) was inducted into the Florida Skateboard Hall of Fame in 2003. She was an active skateboarder in the 1970s, along with her brother Dave.

Jeannie appeared in the East Coast magazine called Skate Rider within issue No 3 (Winter/Spring 1978) ripping up a plywood ramp, with the photo taken by Mike Green. It looks like the Narducci’s had their own mini-ramp in their backyard at Ormond Beach, but without a top deck!

Again in 1978, within the Fall/Winter issue of Skate Rider, Jeannie appears and this time they didn’t misspell her name as “Gennie.” She is photographed by Battipaglia having fun with friend, Bobby Mandarino. Her brother, Dave is pictured above and on the cover of that issue.

Jeannie was a regular at Oaks Pool in Daytona Beach, which Kelly Lynn reminisces about as being “rough, dirty and seriously kinked, but it was all ours and of course we loved it” in the website Blue Tile Obsession.

I’m hoping to connect with Jeannie on Facebook to learn more about her story, and the skate scene in Florida!

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