Kelly Marsh

Kelly Marsh was described as “one of the best teenage freestyle riders in Florida” back in 1977 within the November issue of Wild World of Skateboarding. She was featured in an article called “Doin’ it Double Double,” all about how to perform tricks utilizing two skateboards. The writer shared that, “We were lucky enough to see most of her freestyle routine at the Tomoka Moonforest Skatepark near Ormond Beach. She has the usual array of daffys, kick-turns, space walks, 360s and such and she does them all well.” The photos were taken by Steve Reyes.

The remaining article was more of an instructional “how-to” but it was evident by the photos that Kelly was a competent freestyler. She had also appeared two months early in the September 1977 issue in an experimental / trippy photo by an unknown photographer.

The Tomoka Moonforest skatepark sounded pretty special, as it was in the woods offering a hint of shade, and according to a skater on Facebook named “Mark LaRock” there were brooms by each pool to sweep out the sugar sand tracked in by everyone… until the park was plowed down.

Wish I had more photos and story about Kelly, if anyone has a connection.


  • Editor. “Doin’ it Double Double.” Wild World of Skateboarding. November 1977.

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