Crystal Loges

Crystal Loges was inducted into the Florida Skateboarding Hall of Fame back in 2005 for her skateboarding skills during the 1970s. Crystal won the Women’s Bowl contest in March 1979 at the 2nd Annual Fun ‘N Sun Skateboard Championships in Clearwater, Florida. Jim Goodrich for Skateboarder magazine reported on the event in the July 1979 issue, noting that Crystal was the local favorite. She can be seen below (top middle) in this montage:

Crystal then headed west to California, and placed 2nd in Women’s Pro at the 1979 Vans Marina Pro-Am Skateboard Competition at Marina Del Rey, behind Brenda Devine and ahead of Cindy Whitehead. There was mention in the June 1979 issue of Skateboarder that she was a great host and lived with another famous skater out of Florida named Steve Fisher.

This photo of a barefoot skater from 1974 is purely a guess based on the profile image of Crystal being celebrated by the Hall of Fame. Can anyone confirm this is Crystal, and does anyone have more photos?

If interested in Florida skate history, also visit Peggy Turner‘s bio.

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