Terry Verdoia

Terry Verdoia (now Teresa Verdoia-Walker) appeared in the December 1978 issue of Skateboarder in an article by Craig Fineman. Fineman was reporting on and documenting the First Annual Endless Wave Pool & Aggressive Pipe Riding Contest, which was held in August 1978 at the Endless Wave Skatepark in Oxnard, CA. Terry placed third in the women’s open competition behind Wendy Gooding and Brenda Devine.

Fineman was evidently impressed by Terry. He wrote that “Terry Verdoia from Santa Cruz is easily the most radical female skater I have witnessed to date. She has a repertoire filled with micro edgers, frontside grinds and some truly bionic backside air.” Fineman concluded that “Terry Verdoia skated perhaps better than her third-place finish indicated” as it sounded like there were some unconventional new rules and point system that was being experimented with on that day.

Beyond this article, all I know is that Terry went to Carlmont High School in Belmont, CA (played basketball in 1982) and lived in San Mateo, CA. She also became a registered nurse, and attended the Arizona College of Nursing.

Hopefully she’ll reply to my Facebook message!

Photos: Craig Fineman


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