Fabiana Duclos

In 1973, Fabiana Duclos (Badie) received her first skateboard and within four years she was being recognized as a freestyle expert. Fabiana was showcased by the Wild World of Skateboarding magazine first in July 1977 within a 4-page feature on how to perform a 360, while skating at the Montebello skate park.

That same year Fabiana became sponsored by the Brewer Team, which was a company launched by Dick Brewer, who originally designed surfboards. He expanded his business with the help of his dad, a tool and die craftsman, and his brother Chuck. They created boards, trucks and wheels.

A few months later in September 1977, Fabiana is back this time demonstrating her two-board routine in a 5-page feature for the Wild World of Skateboarding, with photos taken by Kelly Marsh. The article briefly explains that “Fabiana Duclos was one of the skaters that was opening the crowd’s eyes at the Grand Opening Gala at Skatepark Montebello. Two-board maneuvers are one of the extras that she adds to her freestyle routines. In fact, Fabiana has developed almost a complete routine on two boards that includes nose and tail wheelies in several combinations.”

The coverage got her noticed and in 1978 Fabiana was part of Team Pepsi. And while she was discovered skateboarding at Montebello, her preferred skate parks were Pipeline and Oasis.

Fabiana’s daughter, Alexandra Badie is a highly successful skimboarder and created a Prezi presentation featuring her “Skatermom” in 2013, which included photos of Fabiana’s continued love of skateboarding.

Fabiana became a self-taught photographer, documenting her natural surroundings on Laguna Beach, as well as the skimboarding action performed by her daughter and friends. Check out her website here: https://www.fabianabadie.com/

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