Cindy Hernandez

Cindy Hernandez (Ochirosi) was a skateboarder from the late 1970s, that I would love to know more about. She is from Culver City, CA and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Cindy was showcased ripping in a pool in the December 1977 issue of Skateboard World, and a brief article was written up by Marc Margulies. Apparently, on Christmas 1976 at age 15 she received a homemade skateboard and immediately embraced skateboarding. “Cindy has been skateboarding on sidewalks, banks, slopes, empty swimming pools and parks, improving her beautiful, aggressive, flowing style.” The pool she’s featured in was one of the first pools Cindy ever skated, with significant vertical!

When her family moved from Culver City to Los Angeles, Cindy was disconnected from the ocean and surfing, which explained why she was concentrating on skateboarding, but she did end up living down the street from Peggy Oki! The article explains that “Her favorite places to ride include any empty pool and Reseda’s Skatercross, because of the vertical walls… In her first contest at a local community center, Cindy entered freestyle and short slalom. She won first place in both events.”

The contest was hosted at Camarillo, and while she was the only girl who entered (hence the first place finish), Cindy also took third place against the guys. A photo of her was taken during her freestyle performance doing a rolling hand-stand.

Cindy was inspired by Lonnie Toft but preferred to cultivate her own style. Besides skateboarding and surfing, she also enjoyed riding motorcycles and skiing! She declared that in two years time, “I would like to be on a good traveling skateboard team will all expenses paid.” And based on her skill it looked like she was well on track and ended up working at her local skatepark.


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