Sasha La Rochelle

Sasha La Rochelle from Santa Rosa, California was a versatile skater in the early 2000s and contributed regularly to the “Gurlz on Boardz” website, which was one of the earliest websites focused on female skateboarders. The domain was supported by Clarkie at Real Skate Magazine and the content can still be viewed online!

The website states that, “It is a special kind of woman that participates in these difficult, alternative sports. Her dedication, persistence, focus, and athletic ability is admired dearly by most women less endowed. And recognition is on the rise; every event, every new Web site, every new sponsorship, every new female-owned sportswear and equipment business, every new video, little by little is leading to full and complete respect and recognition for these awesome, gurlz on boardz. Shout outs to ya, ladies, YOU GO!”

Sasha interviewed several ripping skateboarders of her era, including Heidi Fitzgerald (2007) and Kim Peterson (2003) for “Gurlz on Boardz” and reported on the women’s events at contests like the Strawberry Bowl Jam in 2003 and Slam City Jam 2004.

It was evident that Sasha was having success at contests, both in street and slalom (see results below). Over the years, her sponsors included: Gallaz, Ocean Pacific (OP), Tracker trucks, Vision Footwear, Global Nomad, Hello Kitty, Curly Grrlz, Eco Lips, S-One, Scarykid, Webb, Emily, Velvet, Harbinger, Withitgirl, and Revolution Board Shop. She even helped host an “OP Girls Learn to Ride” event at Woodward West Camp in October 2003.

Photos of Sasha also appeared regularly (taken by Nicole La Rochelle) on the website and one of her sponsors, Curly Grrlz, actively featured her in their advertisements for both Push magazine (Vol 1, No 2) and Check it Out (No. 15) in 2003. The photo was taken by Machado at the 2002 All Girl Skate Jam at Huntington Beach and the accompanying article states that, “Sasha LaRochelle turned heads and grabbed 2nd place with an awesome airwalk and solid frontside boardslides.”

In 2005 Sasha was one of the recipients for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship, receiving $1000. Juice magazine reported that it was presented to her by Mountain Dew and that, “Sasha teaches skate clinics, is a member of the Skaters for Public Skateparks, writes articles and conducts interviews for skate magazines and websites, and is a professional skateboarder.” This quick video from June 2007 shows Sasha “ripping at Santa Rosa Skate Park.”

Denise Williams, editor of Push magazine reported that Sasha had broken her wrist multiple times in the past, including during the Vision Slalom Championships in 2002, so perhaps injuries caught up to her? Hopefully she’s still blasting huge airs and having good times at her local park.


Contest results:

  • 2004 World Rankings: 13th overall in street with placings at Slam City Jam and Huntington Beach.
  • 2003 World Rankings : 15th overall in street competing only at Oceanside Triple Crown.
  • July 2003, All Girl Skate Jam at Oceanside, 5th place in Pro Women’s Mini Ramp.
  • 2002 World Rankings : 7th overall in street with placings at Slam City Jam, and Oceanside Triple Crown.
  • 2002 All Girl Skate Jam at Huntington, 2nd place in Pro Women’s street.
  • (Denise Williams Push magazine December 2002)
  • 2001 World Rankings : 6th overall in street with placings at Slam City Jam, Cleveland, Oceanside.
  • September 2001 All Girls Skate Jam New York City, placed third in women’s pro street. *One week before the September 11th Trade Center attacks.

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