Mystery skaters – Skateboarding prohibited

It’s June 25, 2022 and I’m not sure what to say to radiate strength and hope for women in the U.S. after recent decisions at the Supreme Court, and to women around the world whose lives are dictated by the ignorant and the heartless except find strength in community – you’re not alone and this is not the end.

And… this photo did the rounds on Reddit with a lot of babble but no actual details on who these badass skaters are. Give me a heads up if you know them or their story. The speculation is that the photo is from 1992.

Update [June 26, 2022]: After some Instagram contributions we have it that the photos is of Dena Rutherford left, Jessica Ogan (or Marcie ?) centre, and Kim Hieman on the right. The photo was taken at Eagle Valley Jr High in Carson City, NV circa 1988.

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