Kim Kinsley

Kim Kinsley was a Blue Sky Skatepark Team member out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and appears briefly in the January 1978 issue of the National Skateboard Review, practising her freestyle moves with a smile. She had also been part of a group photo for her team in the September 1977 issue, in a feature article about the New Mexico scene. Apparently, they were a very enthusiastic team, winning the second State Championships in Santa Fe in 1977, and had a variety of sponsors.

The coverage of skateboarding contests and activities was predominately focused on Southern California, and the west coast, so it was nice to see some documentation further afield.

Kim’s own story wasn’t included in an interview, but it looks like she loved skateboarding. And within a news story about a sponsor called the Pop Tops team from the Albuquerque Journal (August 12, 1977) there’s mention of Kim and a list of all her contest wins!

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