Julie Cheng

Julie Cheng appears briefly but successfully in a handful of contest results in the late 1970s. She is listed in August 1978 as a Pro Rider from Citrus Heights, CA by the International Skateboard Association, riding for Cal. Pro.

In the November 1977 issue of the National Skateboard Review, Cheng places first at the California State Championship in Women’s 11-16 for both the Slalom and Banked Slalom events, ahead of Canon “Bunny” Price. She continues her gold medal streak, placing first in Freestyle for “Women 22 and Under” and just squeaks ahead of Tara Kaylor riding for Sims and Kerry Cooper on the Malibu Team.

There’s a small photo of Julie receiving her trophy in the November 1977 issue of Skateworld magazine. As a result of the win, Julie appears in several newspapers including the Auburn Journal (February 13, 1978) in Sacramento, the Detroit Free Press (June 17, 1978), and The San Francisco Examiner (July 16, 1978).

And then, at a high-profile event, Julie placed third in June 1978 at the Women’s Freestyle event at the Annual Oceanside Pro contest, behind Ellen Berryman and Robin Logan, and ahead of Ellen Oneal. She took home $200 for her efforts.

Does anyone from back-in-the-day know more about her? Judi Oyama remembers competing with her, and that she was a really nice person!

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Photos by Spot and Jim Goodrich.

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