Edie Robertson

Edie Robertson from Santa Barbara was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2019 for her diverse skills across all skateboarding disciplines and competitive results in the 1970s.

Born in 1962, she was just a toddler when skateboarding first appeared, but she was ready to roll into the second wave, trying out her friend’s “Black Night” board with clay wheels at age 10.

In her SHOF bio, it says, “She dug it so much, she immediately got her own green Bahne with Cadillac wheels. By 1974, Edie had progressed so far, Jim O’Mahoney put her on the Skateboarder Magazine team. She also became the first girl on the Sims team that same year and got flowed Vans. Mainly skating slalom, freestyle (barefoot!), the Tea Bowl, ramps, halfpipes, and even cross country courses.”

Edie was the first female to perform a flatland “gorilla grip” which was the early substitute for an ollie by using your bare toes to grip the board and pop. A photo of Edie was taken in 1975 and published in the 1976 Skateboard Handbook, showcasing the trick.

Edie went pro for Sims in 1978 and even got the chance to test prototype Sims snowboards in 1979!

Edie appeared in print ads (Robinak skateboard backpacks and Nikon camera’s Vivitar Zoom lens), a Skippy Peanut butter commercial, and joined Tom Sims and Steve Monahan on the Merv Griffin Show in 1976 at age 14. In the clip below Edie demonstrates a one-foot nose wheelie, 360 spins, 180 aerial Gorilla grip, and shares more of her story:

Edie was part of the scene in skateboarding movies like The Magic Rolling Board (1976), Freewheelin’ (1976) and Skateboard: the Movie (1978). Her abilities were diverse, as she enjoyed freestyle, slalom and transition skating.

In 1980, Edie went to Tokyo, Japan to perform a skateboard demo at the Karakuen Half Pipe and landed a lead role as “Carmen” opposite Cara-Beth Burnside as “Jody” in a CBS after-school special called, A Different Kind of Winning

Edie now works as a private chef and plays in a band called Jayne Wayne: @chefedierobertson

Photos: Glenn Miyoda, Jim O’Mahoney

Select Contest Results:

  • September 1975, 1st place in the Junior Women’s Slalom and 2nd place behind Laura Thornhill in the Junior Women’s Cross Country at the Hang Ten World Pro-Am Skateboard Championships, in the L.A. Sports Arena.
  • April 1978, Edie won the Junior Women’s Slalom (13-17) Hang-Ten Skateboard Olympics, which was an I.S.A. invitational event focused on Southern California skateparks at Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. May 1978 National Skateboard Review.
  • June 1978, Edie wins again in the Slalom, at the first California Pro-Am contest held at Solid Wave Skatepark in Arroyo Grande, CA ahead of Carol Elliot, a Solid Wave local. July 1978 National Skateboard Review.
  • July 1979, Edie placed 4th behind Leigh Parkin, Brenda Devine and Terry Lawrence in the Pro category in at the Del Mar pool contest. November 1979 Skateboarder magazine.


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