Mystery Skater – Laurie

According to The Guardian, these photos are of “Laurie” at Hermosa Beach, CA practically levitating off her board (which is a baffling photo in itself) and then being hounded by a cop in Redondo Beach. The photographs are by Spot who was a musician / photographer living in Hermosa Beach and became known as a legendary hardcore punk producer and engineer with bands like Black Flag and the Misfits.

The photos are printed in an art book called Sounds of Two Eyes Opening – Southern California Life: Skate/Beach/Punk 1969-1982 published by Sinecure Books in 2014

But, what I want to know is, who is Laurie?

She doesn’t quite line-up with Laurie McDonald who was sponsored by Powerflex and part of the Skateboard Mania performance, “acting” as a space alien in the late 1970s.

Perhaps this is Lori Rarey who did a chase scene for Warner Brothers Studios as the stunt double for Linda Carter in “Wonder Woman Skateboard Whiz” in 1978?

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