Live and Let Ride

The first documentary film to focus solely upon the womxn’s skate scene was produced by Tara Cooper in 1999. Cooper’s independent production was called Live and Let Ride and was a 30-minute film that addressed many issues relating to womxn’s skateboarding experiences like their limited representation in mainstream skate magazines, lack of opportunities to compete (and receive prize money), hesitation of skate companies to sponsor them, etc. It was filmed on Super 8/16mm.

Live and Let Ride included interviews with Rookie co-founder Elska Sandor, Patty Segovia on the history of the “All Girl Skate Jam,” ­and both amateur and professional riders like Cara-Beth Burnside, Jessie Van Roechoudt, Jen O’Brien and Jodi McDonald.

Cooper made a statement that despite the broad range of skill levels featured in the film, all of the womxn deserved to be respected as skateboarders and have their accomplishments made more visible. While social commentary was the intended emphasis of this film, it left most viewers hoping for more skateboarding action and inspiration.

Live and Let Ride was screened at select independent events but not distributed in skate shops like most skate videos. Instead, if one was in the know, the film could only be ordered by contacting Cooper through the Gurlz on Boardz website, hosted by skateboarder Sasha La Rochelle.


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