Debbie McAdoo

The “Ramp Ranch” began as a quarter-pipe in 1978 in Debbie McAdoo’s driveway, near Atlanta, Georgia. McAdoo wrote an article about its evolution and demise in the October 1981 issue of Thrasher.

The local crew called themselves the Rancheros with McAdoo being the lone “sister” in the group. The ramp expanded over time to 32 feet in width, with a death box, vertical, coping and 4-foot-wide canyon. McAdoo noted that there were some great parties there, and that there was more to come, but that’s all I could find. Who knows more about McAdoo’s story and the Ramp Ranch (aka RXR)?

Photos/Sources: Mike Folmer (Thrasher), Jay Lanier or Mike Lander? (Georgia Spillway, 1979). @chuck_hults  


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