Jennifer Dimon

On September 26, 1975, Jennifer Dimon at age 7 was in the limelight for a feature article by Jim Hart within the San Pedro News Pilot. Hart wrote that, she “already has a closetful of trophies for her exploits on a board with rollerskates. Just last week Jennifer won a first place and two thirds in the PSRA’s World Championships at the L.A. Sports Arena. She was first in downhill slalom and third in the freestyle and cross country events, competing against girls up to 9 years old.” Apparently, she was even a guest for ABC-TV’s AM America program.

Jennifer was also featured launching herself off a kicker in a critical essay written for Skateboarder magazine (August 1976) by Cindy Berryman called, “Let’s Hear it for the Ladies.” And a page later she’s shown gearing up – maybe getting ready to bomb a hill. The caption under her photo stated that, “Due to the lack of other entrants, six-year-old Jennifer Dimon had to compete with the boys at the Ventura contest [February 1976]. Bad news, boys – she took 1st place in freestyle and 3rd in slalom. Photo: Jeff Ruiz.”

There’s also a video of the contest with clips of Jennifer throughout.

A year earlier, at the 1st Annual Southern California Skateboard Championships at the Orange Country Fairgrounds, Dimon placed 2nd behind Lark Calderon in the Women’s age 9 and under slalom! (Skateboarder magazine, Fall 1975).

Dimon is later spotted at the Hang-Ten Pro-Am Skateboard Championships in Los Angeles, September 20-21, 1975, ripping around the sports arena. And, while watching the classic skateboard movie, The Magic Rolling Board (1976) there’s a section featuring a six-year-old (see 4:09 mins) that I’m pretty confident is Dimon!

Curious to know what happened to this child prodigy? Sounds like she had a brother named Jack who also skated – was it a family activity? Where is she now?


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