Émilie Rougier

Émilie Rougier of Montpellier is a pioneering female skateboarder from France. She started skateboarding in 1995/96, and pursued a Masters degree in Sports Management, producing a thesis in July 2002 on the topic of womxn in skateboarding.

She taught skateboarding at her local club (Les Moustachus), promoted skateboarding for womxn, and had a crew of skaters including Célia Sentenac, Sonia Khenfech, Aurélie Jaulmes, and Claire Essertel. Émilie became sponsored by Gallaz and Quicksilver and loaded a short video to Youtube from 2001 of her skating with the Gallaz pro team. It includes a sweet overview of some European womxn legends at the time. She was the first girl that I saw stomp a blunt-to-fakie on a massive quarter-pipe!

Émilie stopped skateboarding in 2004 when her friends moved on, and the reality of pain and injury set in, but felt grateful for the lifestyle it provided her. She pursued being a musician, surfing and yoga.

Journal entry (July 15th 2001): “Montpellier was a good time because we found the skate park easily and a nice guy named ‘Chandel’ was eager to help us out… he arranged for us to meet up with the girl skaters who invited us on a skate trip to Les Deux Alps… The next day we were off again, following this girl, Sabine’s car to Lyon for the night. I liked Émilie a lot, she seemed like a genuinely friendly person. Kat was pretty cool and a super good skater, reminding me of Cindy Gorset. She also had cancer but didn’t let it stop her from skating… Les Deux Alps was quite fun… There was also a free skate competition and despite another hard fall (a guy jumped in my way just as I as dropping into the big ¼), I entered. There were 7 of us girls in it, and I had a blast!” [N.Porter]


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