Web launch!

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I’ve decided to make this website live to celebrate.

It had always been my dream to create a gorgeous coffee-table book called The Illustrated History of Womxn in Skateboarding. I’ve been accumulating stories and interviews about skateboarders since the early 2000s, and contributing to various ‘zines and collections along the way, so I had the content.

The challenge, and what has been my greatest barrier is the thought of trying to source high-res photos and permissions, to make the publication dynamic. And then, of course, convincing an agent and publisher of its value.

I made a valiant effort in 2014, self-publishing a text-only eBook as a fundraiser for Skateistan, but was never satisfied. I also realized that when you publish a book, the content becomes fixed in time, and skateboarding is constantly evolving, as well as the skateboarders themselves. The eBook contained dead names of non-binary skaters and this made me sad.

I’m not sure if adopting the word ‘womxn’ will be the all-inclusive solution, but my intentions are good and I’m open to learning and evolving as well.

So, I’ve decided to create this website as a living document / wikipedia that can be updated regularly with input from readers, and hopefully respects photographers and filmers, while recognizing the value in compiling this historical record. I briefly attempted an Instragram page in 2021, featuring skaters’ profiles on a daily basis, until it was spammed and my appeal ignored. But now I’m back, and you can follow my Insta here.

Thank you for your patience as I compose each entry from my files.

And, if you feel so inclined, please consider the “Buy Me a Coffee” option, as this website [and its fees] is a labour of love! Cheers, Natalie Porter

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